International Financial Securities Regulatory Commission : Protect Your Money

Investor protection is an integral part of FINRA’s mission. Unfortunately, far too many investors fall victim to Ponzi schemes, pump-and-dump scams and other types of investment fraud. The good news is that fraud and the growing threat of identity theft can often be avoided. 


We’ll help you spot the red flags of fraud and identity theft, and avoid the persuasion tactics of fraudsters. It’s also vital to know the right questions to ask about investments and the people who pitch them—and where to go to verify the answers. After all, it’s your money—learn how to protect it.


Investor Alerts

Check out the latest Investor Alerts from FINRA and other regulators.


Ask and Check

Ask the right questions and verify the answers before you work with an investment professional or buy an investment product.


Avoid Fraud

Even if you have never been subjected to an investment fraudster’s sales pitch, you probably know someone who has. The more you know about the types of fraud and tactics used the better equipped you’ll be to avoid it.


Protect Your Identity

Identity theft occurs when someone obtains your personal information and uses it to steal your money or commit fraud or other crimes. Here's how to safeguard your identity.



The International Financial Securities Regulatory Commission was established to promote investor confidence in the securities and capital markets by providing more structure and government oversight.

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